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drug treatment and alcohol rehab Putnam offers a free advisory service to help you or your loved one struggling with addiction and may receive compensation from Featured or Sponsored listings.

Drug Treatment Centers Putnam (860) 207-8360

Welcome to drug treatment centers Putnam, where you can find the best inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs for you and your family. Patients at these rehab facilities get to participate in various programs that help them with long-term abstinence goals. At drug treatment centers Putnam patients learn to form and practice skills they may need in order to become healthy members of society. Services at drug treatment centers Putnam are available 24/7 which helps addicts and their loved ones find the support they need throughout treatment and recovery.
The outstanding patient care and welcoming atmosphere at Drug Treatment Centers Putnam together with a group of professionals in the medical field and addiction specialists are dedicated to bring the best research-based addiction treatment available. When you are ready to begin your journey to recovery, call 860-207-8360.

Treatment programs

After joining a rehab facility, patients go through comprehensive assessment from the medical team. This assessment is employed to design the most suitable treatment plan for each patient’s particular needs. Addiction treatment programs are customized to address not only the addiction but also underlying disorders that may be triggering the chemical dependency. These disorders must be addressed first in order to encourage constructive behavior and attaining log-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Among the most common services available at these inpatient and outpatient programs are:

  • Intervention
  • Detoxification
  • Individual, group and family counseling
  • Christian programs
  • Dual diagnosis programs
  • Aftercare support
  • Holistic therapies
  • Relapse prevention

It is never too late to start treatment, call Drug Treatment Centers Putnam at 860-207-8360 today.

About Putnam, CT

Putnam is the heart of Connecticut. This well-known town in Windham County, Connecticut has a number of attractions and places to visit nearby such as The Bradley Playhouse, Antiques Marketplace, Artique, and Sawmill Pottery. The city also has a number of local bands such as Strangefolk, The Essex Green, RAQ, The Jazz Mandolin Project, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, and several others.
One of the greatest drug threats in the state of Connecticut is crack cocaine. This remains a significant problem especially in the suburban areas. Heroin has also become the drug of choice and it’s widely abused throughout the state. Hispanic groups are mostly responsible for the distribution of this drug and they are also the main suppliers to local street dealers. Club drugs are also extremely popular throughout the state, especially in metropolitan areas. Sophisticated indoor hydroponic marijuana growth sites have been recently discovered by law enforcement authorities.

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